ECHO Molise
 Emigration and Cultural Heritage Of the Molise

Abandoned Immigrant house, BonefroBetween 1870 and 1924, and in the post-WWII years, the Abruzzo and Molise regions lost over one million citizens, more than half their population, to emigration.  This mass migration of Italians to Canada, the United States and South America was described as a “virtual hemorrhaging of people… when a whole culture left its ancient roots to settle in the cities and towns of America.  There it was transformed and woven into the fabric of American life.”  Jerre Mangione & Ben Morreale, La Storia:  Five Centuries of the Italian American Experience.

We present a series of articles, stories and media from our readers that we call "ECHOs" from Gli Immigranti.  We feel sharing these insights furthers understanding of the reasons for and impact of, that migration--on life and culture, on those who left and those who stayed, on individuals and communities. Why not
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