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Directory of articles and essays on the Molise and its history.


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"This is Home"   

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Intangible Cultural Heritage:
"La Tavola Molisana"

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Molise History

Samnite         600 BC
Roman           280 BC
Goths            410 AD
Lombard        555 AD
Norman         1070
Swabian       1200
Angevin       1266
Aragonese    1433
Partenopea   1798
Bourbon       1815
Risorgimento 1860
WWI             1915
Fascism         1922
WWII            1940
Republic        1946

                         Opens article Archaeology in the Molise    
               "Archeology in the Molise"

                              Opens article Earliest Inhabitants
                    "Earliest Inhabitants"
                               Opens DNA&Migration Scientific Adam and Eve    
                      DNA & Migration
                   "Scientific Adam and Eve"

Opens the Samnite article i Sanniti
 Samnites: "Sanniti" 

 Roman Samnium

Opens the Colonization and Romanization article
      "Colonization         and Romanization"

Opens the Roman Samnium: Economy article

          Opens Roman Samnium: Towns article

   Opens article on the Pyrrhic War (280-275 BC)

     "Pyrrhic War"           


    Opens article on the Second Punic War

 "Second Punic War" 



     Opens article on the Social and Civil Wars


 "Social and Civil Wars" 


Opens photo/bio gallery Roman Who's Who

 "Roman Who's Who" 

Goths and Barbarians  

"Barbarians - An Overview"

"Into Italy"                    

"Goths in the Samnium" 

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