ECHO Molise
  Emigration and Cultural Heritage of the Molise
About Us
We started ECHO Molise as a loosely affiliated group of five researchers, history buffs and Italophiles with two things in common--our Molise ancestry and our passion for our work.  In 2009, we formalized the work we had been doing individually for years.  Together, we have well over 100 years experience to share with others interested in researching their Italian roots and keeping the cultural heritage of our immigrant ancestors alive. The founders' diversity and group synergy strengthen ECHO Molise as we strive to provide unparalleled community and individual service.  Every successful connection encourages us and reinforces our vision.  

Board of Directors:
President Alan Tullio, New York
Vice President Melina Maucieri Akins,  Canada
Secretary/Treasurer Donna Magnani, California
Director Luigi Pece, Italy
Director Rick Spyker, Alabama

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Roman basilica at Sepino - Atilia
Roman Basilica at Sepino-Atilia

Read about Roman Samnium in the series of history articles. 

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